IAP Course Coolhunting and Coolfarming through Swarm Creativity

Special Course during January 2016 MIT IAP independent activities period, Jan 13 to 15, 2016. to register send e-mail to pgloor@mit.edu

“I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.” Isaac Newton - after having lost a substantial amount of money investing into the South Sea Bubble.

This 3-day course provides an in-depth tutorial to analyzing online social networks. It employs the easy-to-use but powerful software tool Condor that analyzes online social networks such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogs, Facebook, as well as e-mail. It gives the “big ideas” as well as step-by-step instructions. It explains how to use Condor to visualize, monitor and manage brands, products, and topics on the Internet, and to analyze organizations through their e-mail networks. It gives a wealth of practical examples of how to apply social network analysis for prediction of trends by combining Condor analysis with KNIME machine learning. It also illustrates how to improve organizational performance by optimizing collaboration using e-mail.

learn how

  • the radical innovation process in small teams works
  • to find trendsetter and trends on the Internet and social media
  • to predict trends using SNA und statistical forecasting techniques
  • how to increase organizational efficiency and creativity through a virtual mirror created of organizational e-mail archives

This is a condensed version of a distributed course, which has been taught for the last 10 years at MIT, Aalto/Helsinki, U. Cologne, SCAD, IIT.

This course consists of three parts, part I is the foundation for parts II and III, parts can be taken separately.

Course times: Wednesday Jan 13, Thursday Jan 14, Friday Jan 15, 2016: 02-05:00pm

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Day 1: Introduction to Swarmcreativity

The first part introduces the basics of Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) - cyberteams of intrinsically motivated people who work together over the Internet to turn a crazy idea into a disruptive innovation that changes the world. It also introduces the basics of our dynamic semantic social network analysis tool Condor. If you want to play with Condor, we recommend to previously install it on your laptop.

Day 2: Virtual Mirroring - Coolhunting I

In this part we look at organizational and team-level networks by analyzing e-mail archives. Through six inter-personal variables of honest communication: 'strong leadership', 'rotating leaders', 'balanced contribution', 'fast response', 'honest sentiment' and 'shared language' that Condor calculates, we measure and optimize creative teams. We also learn the basics of Coolhunting, finding COINs on Twitter, Blogs, etc.

Day 3: Coolhunting II & Coolfarming

Using Condor, we analyze Twitter, Blogs, Wikipedia, and Facebook to find the attributes of a trend and the most influential people talking about it, and measure its impact though machine learning with KNIME. We also look how to promote these trends through Coolfarming - viral marketing on the Web, and how to create COINs inside organizations by boosting organizational consciousness through social quantum physics.

Condor 3.0

Course location:E51-057

Course instructors: Peter Gloor

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